Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Saturday Night Poker

Saturday I headed over to a friend to play the finals together of the 1 million dollar freeroll he qualified for earlier. It's the same friend who went along with me to the last T&I-Poker live tourney from the earlier post and the same friend who actually got me into trying out poker. I'll just refer to him from now on forth using one of his nicks, Selfshine, first to keep it simple, and second because even while I trust the employees of the national tax department are fish when it comes to their googling skills, there's no need to provide them with a first name.

Playing together worked very well. Generally we discussed in each situation what the best move would be, and eventually settled with a choice both of us could agree on.

The first few hours went well, but when there were about 2k players left it went downwards though, we didn't manage to win many pots and kept running into situations where we had the second best hand. Eventually it ended when we got QQ and decided to make a move to double up, only we ran into KK to end the tourney in about 1200th place.

A few six-packs of beer and some liquor since the start of the evening it was still pretty early (well, 1am or so) and we decided to join a 5 dollar turbo rebuy-tourney (Translation into something slightly resembling English: A tourney in which people can rebuy a new starting stack after losing their whole stack up till the first break. And for the really big fishes, that means they can re-buy like 10 times if they want, which increases the prize pot pretty fast. Turbo just means that the blinds increase so fast that if you wait until you actually get great cards your stack will be gone).

The tourney went smooth, we started out playing tight, kept a good stack and the other tight players didn't seem too willing to put their chips in against us. So we just played more aggressively and managed to rake in many pots.

Eventually we got to the final table with a big stack compared to most players there, and proceeded to take more then our fair share from the pots, while the low stacks got smaller from the blinds. Selfshine then announced that if we'd end in first spot he'd pay my buyin for the live tournament we were heading to the next day.

When we were only against one other player that almost failed, since even while we had a bigger stack, having him doubling up would give us lots of trouble to play back at him. And that's when we reraised him all-in when holding AJs against his AK.

But what's poker without a bit of luck? The board ended showing two pairs, 7s and 4s, giving both of us two pair with ace kicker, splitting the pot.

A few hands later, with our opponent probably on tilt, we managed to take his stack as our own and finished first in the tourney, winning 750 dollars.

Very nice profit for Selfshine, and my buyin for sunday's tourney would be free for me. Not bad at all for one night of playing cards.


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