Thursday, July 06, 2006

PokerStars $ 0.50/1 - Downswing

Played three small sessions since my last post. The results are quite bad, but worse, I played bad.
Managed to get my total $0,50/1 winnings down to a loss of $2,5.

Even while I were facing a cold deck mostly and didn't have much luck with flops, I didn't play as I should have. And got beat a few times while holding very strong hands (second best flush against nut flush, set over set, KK vs A10 with an ace on river etc.)

A downswing is normal, but this one went too steep, and I should have lost much less if I just played correctly, so right now I'm not going to sit down in any game till I reviewed each single hand played and notice my leaks.

Results: -$55,50
Total $0,50/1 results: -$2,50
Bankroll: $476,50


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