Thursday, June 22, 2006

Live tournament

May 28 I did something that didn't fit within bankroll management, but decided to do it just for the experience and the fun, and I would substract the possible losses off my bankroll aswell.

I joined my first live multi table tournament, which was organized nearby (by T&I Poker). It was a 50+10 euro buyin (total about 76 dollars) with 89 players.

Anyways, after not having played at live tables other then playing a few games with friends, it was a completely different game for me. Felt like a beginner at those tables for the first few hours, and didn't make much progress either, missing the flop constantly and starting out tight, but managed to make enough blind steals and bluffs when people showed weakness.

Actually seeing the looks on people's faces when you make a great or bad play is priceless though. Online it's just a pot you win/lose, now you can see directly how it affects your table image and adjust your game accordingly. It's definitely true that table image means tons more in live play, leading to me having to change my playstyle from table to table.

The best part was managing to pick up some tells from people. Keeping the tip in mind to watch the other players when you get dealt your hole cards instead of watching your own cards first, and watching the players when the flop is dealt instead of looking at it yourself. Besides, the flop will still be there when it's your turn to act.

It were basic tells, preflop one player always stacked his good/playable cards neatly on top of eachother, and put his bad cards with slightly less discipline on the table. Another always went with his hand to his chips when he got cards he wasn't going to play after seeing the flop, while sitting seemingly relaxed on flops he was going to play.

My favourite hand of the day was when I was finally dealt pocket rockets, early in position, and the chip leader to my right made a huge raise (25k, with the blinds about 1.5/3k, about 40% of my stack). I assumed he would never fold against me going all-in at that moment since I thought he actually wanted to get called all-in by a low stack. And offcourse with a raise like that the only proper moves are to go all-in or fold.

I took a gamble there that he would not improve on the flop, or face a scary one, and decided to just flat call. Online I would never make that move, but here I decided winning this way would definitely give me a present table image. And losing would teach me not to make that move again Smile.

First thing that happened was the look of confusion as I announced a flat call around the table, especially on the face of the raiser. Then as the flop hit, but of us were looking at eachother for about 20 seconds while neighter of us had seen the flop yet. Then he took a glance and announced his all-in to the rag board. Aces held up, got a nice stack, and I don't think a play like that would ever have so much effect on your table image in online MTT's.

Even while the experience alone was worth the buyin, it was even better to finally hit the final table and know you are within the prices.

I started on that final table with 100k chips, lost a steal attempt against a player in the big blind who held a grudge against me (my first AA vs his QQ earlier that day removed him from chip leader position), and then was dealt pocket 6's when the blinds had gone up to 10/20k (having 70k left). No choice there I think, went all-in, got called by AQ and lossed the cointoss.

Which made me win 245 euros (about 312 dollars ), quite a nice way to end my first live MTT.

I gave 100 euros to a friend of mine who went along to the tournament so both of us had our buyin covered and went home with a profit.

Results: +$110
Bankroll: $285


Anonymous Thijs / T&I Poker said...

Leuk verslag heb je geschreven over het toernooi! 23 Juli hebben we er weer een, wellicht ben je op vakantie, maar mocht je tijd en zin hebben ben je welkom!

Gefeliciteerd met je prijs van het vorige toernooi!

5:20 AM  

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