Tuesday, July 04, 2006

PokerStars $ 0.50/1 - First case of Tilt

Started out on 0.50c/$1 Limit tables about a week ago. It started out well, just sticking to my game. I still made some mistakes which hurt much more at this limit, but overall I was happy about my game.

Eventually I was up 42 dollars as I ended for the third evening. The next day though I managed to get this profit down to about 12 dollars in about 2,5 hours. What was I doing wrong?

Sitting out at the table I started to review my hand histories. First thing I noticed was that I simply missed every single flush and outside straight draw, which means if I had just hit my fair share of them my profit wouldn't have declined much if any. It were 14 huge draws in which I was drawing to the nuts or close to it.

While that wasn't bad in a small sample at all, I noticed it started to affect my play. I was calling down in hands I'd normally bet out with or reraise, and started to slowplay the few big hands I had (like trips). Even while I would probably have lost more if I played the hands as I normally would, changing my playstyle subconciously because I'm in a downswing should definitely not be a reason to start playing more passively. And if I'm not playing my own game, I should not play at all. So even while I had about an hour left to play, I stopped playing for the night, recognizing this as a slight case of Tilt.

The next evenings I was back playing my own game again, and it worked out well. Got back to even in a short time and made a profit overall, ending at 53 dollars profit totally at this limit.

Still over 3BB/100 hands and atleast getting some FPP's (Pokerstars Frequent Player Points that can be used to purchase some items). So just a few months away from getting a free composite chip set or a few decades from getting a free Porsche Cayman.

Results: +$53
Bankroll: $532


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