Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pokerstars 10/20 cents

After reaching my goal on Paradise, I cashed out 100 dollars and deposited 50 dollars on Poker Stars.

Poker Stars has a nice feature, which is that the software can automatically store hand histories on the harddisk.

Then again, after starting playing there, I was sure I was going to need it, since even at 10/20c limit tables their players were much better then at Paradise.

Yes, there still were fish, lots of 'em, just as juicy as on Paradise, but it wasn't a rare sight to see 5 or more decent players sitting at a table at these limits, which at Paradise seemed more rare than flopping a Royal Flush.

My plan here was to make 100 dollars on the 10/20c tables aswell.

The approach was simple, I generally multitabled on 2 or more tables while playing very mechanical, and spending almost as much time analyzing my played hands as actually playing cards.

Also got hold of the book Internet Texas Hold'em by Matthew Hilger, which is quite a worthwhile read for a new player, which helped to improve my play quite a bit.I just tried to play solid poker and make as few mistakes as possible.

It went well, but it was bloody boring, so after 9k hands and about 50 dollars profit I decided moving up a limit would be the best choice.

Periodically I'll add some tables and graphs like below which show statistics about my results at the played limit, and the graph shows my total winrate in big bets.

Results: +$50
Bankroll: $175


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