Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The History

For me it all began somewhere in the end of January 2006. A friend of mine was talking alot about his newest hobby, a poker game called Texas Hold'em, and especially about how much money could be made by playing it on the internet.

The game itself was new to me, I only played draw poker back at highschool. But the two of us and another friend (the two of us got pretty good at cheating at draw poker at micro stakes in highschool - who needs knowledge of the game when you can pocket aces and jokers?) got together one night to play some Hold'em.

After that I created an account at Paradise Poker and started at the play money tables. Well, that experience lasted about two full hours before I realized it's pretty boring if everyone calls to the river with any two cards.

That's when I noticed my nice blue Mastercard, which was safely lying somewhere on the ground in the vicinity of my computer, and deposited 25 dollars onto my Paradise Poker account.

Bankroll: $25


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