Sunday, July 09, 2006

PokerStars $ 0,50/1 Upswing!

After reviewing my hands I noticed my mistakes when playing were not the reason of the earlier downswing. I did notice some leaks, but over the sample in which I had the downswing they accounted to a loss of about 5-6 dollars, just a small portion of the downswing.

It was time for the natural law of randomization to catch up with my previous downswing, and it did in such a way that it seemed it wanted to appologise.

Over the next 450-ish played hands my nut flush draws hit on the turn more often then not allowing me to maximize my profit, two pairs improved to fullhouses as another player hit his flush, outside and inside straight draws hit, I got quads twice and my semi bluffs allowed me to take down many pots. Which translated into $66,5 profit since last post.

After slightly less then 3k hands played at this limit this puts me back at over 2bb/100 hands profit, while having a standard deviation of over 11 dollars per hour played.

So I'm back in business, and poker is already giving me a higher hourly income then the average person in China.

Results: +$66,50
Total $0,50/1 results: +$64
Bankroll: $543


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