Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Grind Through Paradise

With 25 dollars at my disposal, and the term 'bankroll management' just sounding as something inedible to me, I sat down at a 1/2$ table for my first real money experience.

It went as planned, climbing up to 93 dollars as peak, and ending the night with 70 dollars.

Over the next few days it kept going like that, making great winnings, but great losses aswell. What was I doing wrong?

Eventually the cashier showed I had 10 dollars left. So much for easy winnings.

After my failed experiment at the 1/2$ tables, and with 10 dollars left in my account, it was time to do some research on the game.

Getting hold of Small Stakes Hold'em by David Sklansky and Ed Miller, I started playing at the lowest limit tables, 2/4 cents or something, till my bankroll was back up to 25 dollars.

After that I started on the 10/20 cent tables, with the goal to increase my bankroll to 125 dollars there.

It definitely was a grind, studying the concepts behind it constantly, while my bankroll went up at a snail's pace.

When my bankroll was up to about 75 dollars I experimented with a certain play that was pretty fun, though probably only profitable because the average player there was a genuine fish.

I stopped betting out first in. Calling before the flop when nobody was in, or reraise, and checkraise or checkfold on flop and turn. Quite a silly play, but it worked to frustrate the people on the tables, since I checkraised so often.

I don't employ that system now anymore except when there is a maniac at the table, but it did suffice to get my bankroll up to 125 dollars that way.

Results: +$100
Bankroll: $125


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