Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back into Action: July

After leaving June behind me, which is something I do not really mind with the bad start I had starting it on a tilty downswing followed by proceeding the rest of the month putting in way too few hands, June has only been good for a few buyins profit for me.

July on the other hand has started off quite well for me, and the tables seem quite juicy compared to normal, which may be because of everyone trying to earn enough FPP's this month to clear their Ironman bonus.

The most fun hand was vs a Cardrunner's member, who asked me to post the reasoning behind the hand on the CR forums. Atleast, that is my interpretation from his chat, his exact words being "go put thaT ON THE FORUM FISH". Because of that, I were kind enough to oblige, and also decided to post the hand here just in case he happens to miss the specific topic about it:

$0.5/$1 No Limit Holdem
4 players
Converted at

Profiles and Stacks:
CO ($131.65)14.5/8.2/7.0 (110)
BTN ($100.00)17.0/15.0/1.3 (100)
Hero ($248.45)34.9/30.2/3.8 (106)
BB ($50.25)22.6/12.9/7.0 (62)

Sitting to my direct left is another CR member, and a very solid one. Hes not part of this hand since he was sitting out this hand, and my intentions were to leave the table as soon as he showed some interest in my stack (meaning making my life hell).

($1.50, 4 players) Hero is SB

1 fold, BTN raises to $3.50, Hero raises to $12.50, 1 fold, BTN calls $9

Villain in question has taggish stats, has high attempt to steal (atleast over 30%) seems solid but I do not know him that well. I have not 3bet him light that often, and want to see how he responds. With a hand like A6s I generally fold, but because the other CR member was sitting out, all 3 options were available (since I do not fear getting squeezed by the remaining player). I chose to 3bet here though since A6s is a bit too weak to flat with OOP.

($26, 2 players)
Hero checks, BTN checks

I do not know what kind of hands he'll call me with, but I expect it to be wider than normal because of my own stats (35/30/3.8 with 52% attempt to steal). So here I am somewhat worried about AQ/AJ, but on the other hand, I did hit TP in a 3bet pot. OOP I do not want to bet/fold or bet/call with this hand, so I decide to check. Villain checks behind, which makes it quite unlikely for me that he holds a strong ace here. I do not know if he's capable of checking AQ behind here, but it seems very unlikely to me.

($26, 2 players)
Hero checks, BTN bets $15, Hero calls $15

Because of his flop check, I expect to be ahead here most of the time unless he holds 99. I still see very little value in betting, and am not certain what to do if I get raised here.

($56, 2 players)
Hero bets $12, BTN goes all-in $72.50, Hero calls $60.50

Here I assume I have the best hand, unless he has 99 or hit his flush. I think check-calling is best vs his bluffs, but I am not certain if he'll bluff again in this spot. I also do not like to bet/fold here.

So I decided to make the head-exploding bet here to at least allow him to do something stupid, since my play makes no sense. When I try to induce a bluff, I obviously have to call here.

Final Pot:
BTN shows:
Hero shows:

Hero wins $199 ( won +$99 )
BTN lost -$100.00

So, I think my reasoning and play was quite fine in this hand. Because I gave the villain in question some respect I used a bit less straightforward line to keep the pot small and protect myself from bluffs early in the hand, and increased his bluffing range on later streets.

But was this respect for villain justified?

- What was villain representing here?
- What was villain doing at this table with two CR members sitting to his direct left (other CR member is not in HH because he's sitting out)? Obviously this must mean he is quite sure about his ability to outplay both me and the other CR member even while he will be OOP except when he holds the button.
- Why did villain call a 3bet preflop with 79s while only 100BB deep? Again, he must be a great player if he thinks he can play that hand profitably IP in a 3bet pot.

Sure buddy, I'll post it and explain my thought process. Now I dare villain in question to explain his.


Blogger grinder said...

hi need a few more ft points to renew my cr membership..what was the general consensus on the hand
the all in bet does seem pretty strange by the villain , does that in itself justify the call do you think ? is this sort of play frequent ?

11:13 PM  
Blogger Soultwister said...

Well, this is kinda player specific. Villain seemed a solid player, so I probably will not earn a lot of money from him when I got position on him, and will generally lose when out of position. The profit will come from the less-standard situations like these though, and from perhaps earning a few more thin value bets vs him than he earns vs me.

The all-in was provoked here. Villain knows I am probably not that strong here, especially after I both checked the flop and turn to him on an A high board, so my play represents something like a smaller pocket pair than anything with an ace. But especially the small riverbet is something that can provoke a lot of bluffs.

So yep, as played, especially with the small river bet, I have to call the all-in here because his range here now includes a lot of bluffs. If I had bet something like $31, I actually would consider folding to a shove even while I would receive sick odds then (even though I would eventually call because of the flop play).

The play in itself is not frequent at all, a more standard line would be to either cbet the flop (which I do not like at all) and fold if raised, or checkcall the turn or river after cbetting flop but not both streets. But calling any raise/shove after making a bet which is quite likely to induce a bluff IS pretty standard. Betting small on the river and folding would be pretty terrible in my eyes.

I just thought this hand was interesting because villain berated me for my call, yet forgets I provoked a bluff here, he cannot get much credit here after checking the flop behind on that board, and the worst thing of all, he should have left this table before this hand occurred.

10:13 AM  
Blogger grinder said...

ty soultwister

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

will try respond in detail. need to check PT.

Thx for not putting my screen name on cardrunner. much appreciated.

Villian :)

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Q - What was villain representing here?
A - Big A shoving light(ish) for value. Set. Flush.

Q - What was villain doing at this table with two CR members?
A - I knew you were CR but only had 150 hands (and no notes) on the other player to my left so not sure how good he is. I still should have left but was tilting as i was getting beaten up at other tables. I DID LEAVE not long after this hand as i instantly realised i was playing bad. Thanks for the heads up that he’s a good player. Will keep that in mind.

Q - Why did villain call a 3bet preflop with 79s?
A - I knew u were full of it. I had seen you play a fair bit and recognised the name from CR and 2+2 i think. I should just have 4bet bluffed if i was going to play the hand at all. But as i said a few of my bets were running into big hands so i chose the worst option. Fold > >4bet >>>>>Call.
If playing oop is so bad why are you RR A6 oop against a “good/unknown” player?

Q - Again, he must be a great player if he thinks he can play that hand profitably IP in a 3bet pot.
A - Nope. It was a tilty play. Prob above average but so most people think.

Still not sure you river call is a good one. Pretty much gonna have the goods here 90% of the time.

Villian. :)

PS. Didn’t really mean to offend you with the comment. I made the move cause i tho you were a good thinking player and could fold out a lot of hands. You were just thinking a level higher. Lol.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Soultwister said...

Thanks for replying :).

In regards to why I 3bet A6s here when playing OOP vs a good player is bad, I mostly meant that on average I'll have position more often. In this hand, I agree with your logic, but I assumed you were going to give me little respect, and I wanted to find out how you'd respond. A6s is definitely not a great hand OOP, but not that terrible either. Reason for that is that people love to 2-barrel A high boards when checked to, but will rarely 3barrel bluff.

I agree with 4betting me there being better, especially since the main reason to 3bet here was to see how you'd respond and I would get no real info then other than suspicions.

"Still not sure you river call is a good one. Pretty much gonna have the goods here 90% of the time."

That's what I expect if I make a somewhat normal value bet here. That's why I made the raptor-head-explosing bet to induce the bluff. I thought that if you called preflop to outplay me postflop, it would be darn hard to resist a river bluff in that spot. And now you mention you were tilted a bit, it probably increased your bluffing range even more.

Oh, and thanks for not having AJ or a flush there, saved me a headache from smashing my head into my desk.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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