Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WTFrog Do You Think I Have?

I only put in a short session, playing slightly over an hour and putting in slightly over 400 hands. Yet people absolutely gave me no respect at all and tried to treat me like Holland treated Italy and France earlier. Good strategy, but not failing to take one little detail into consideration: I am Dutch.

These were my largest pots for the hour:

• Preflop: Leviathan1 seems a solid aggressive player. I had a quite aggressive image at this table as well and his limp here surprised me a bit. Some fish limped, and he did not make an isolation raise? I had the feeling that if I were going to make an isolation raise myself I'd get slapped in the face by him, so I elected to just limp along in position. Another very aggro player in the BB decides to squeeze here, but his range here should be huge. Even while my hand is not that great, I get decent odds to call and see a flop in position.

• Flop: Villain cbets around pot size here. I do expect him to cbet here with his entire range, but I am not sure about what size he'd use OOP. I have no backdoor draws, but there's a somewhat decent chance my bottom pair is still good here. Even if it's not, I decide to float and see what happens on the turn.

• Turn: So I hit two pair, could still be behind to a few sets and AK but I have to assume vs a very aggro player that I hold the best hand here almost always. When he shoves, I hardly see him doing so with anything which beats me so the call here is standard.

• Preflop: Standard, a minraise here can mean a bunch of things, I do not really care though with a second player in and somewhat nice implied odds.

• Flop: I can't wait to check-fold here.

• Turn: I love free cards. Villain who is not the PFR, but who runs like 41/8, pots this turn. I have little idea about his range here to be honest. He could have the nuts, top set, air, but I am very eager to get the stacks in. I decide to just call though to try to keep the initial PFR in.

• River: I still think I need to raise for value here. I missed out on 0.55 worth of value though.

• I just started at this table, and had no clue what the minraise meant. It could be a draw, set, bluff and I'll be OOP for the rest of the hand. I decided to not fool around and just try to get my chips in the middle. Villain actually just had top pair second kicker here and misplayed it in a pretty terrible way. If hands like these are in the range he'll raise and shove this flop with, I need much less strong hands to continue vs him in the future.

• Another hand vs an unknown who seemed a bit aggressive in the small sample so far. I really dislike how I played this hand though. On the flop I had no clue about his range, so I guessed it could be bluffs, sets, draws, TP etc. I decided to just raise for value here because I had no backdoor draws left. If I held a Q of diamonds, I would just have called. But villain made a very small 4-bet here which screams strength. Correct turn play would probably have been to slam my head into the wall, yet fold regardless since this is rarely a bluff. But I'm a fish so decided to get it in.

Overall I managed to win 3.3 buyins in slightly over an hour, Holland gave Romania the 1-2 Teddy, so nothing to complain about today at all.


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