Monday, May 26, 2008


So my vacation is over, and only managed to play for about 42 hours during those two weeks.

Add rakeback to this and it comes down to around $2300 in 42.4 hours. I'm quite happy about both the hourly rate and how I approached it. Even while I played for way less hours than I could have put in, I never played when I was not in the right mood, and generally stopped sessions as soon as I noticed I was not playing my A game, even if I were sitting at juicy tables. My hourly rate could be a lot higher by playing more tables, but I have little interest in becoming a grinder, so I'll stick to 4 tables at the moment.

Oddly I won more per hour at NL50 than at NL100. The rakeback makes NL100 slightly better, but the players at NL50 are in general way less good than at NL100, which explains the difference.

My plans for now are quite simple. I will only be withdrawing rakeback which should be a nice supplement to my normal job, and will keep building my roll to get towards the higher limits. Bankroll management and tilt control are the key to this, and I think just withdrawing rakeback is a nice way to do so. The winnings or losses per day/week/month etc don't really matter, since I'll still be making money thanks to the rakeback I'll be withdrawing, and the limit I play at effects that. The bankroll itself should not be treated as money, but more as an investment capital.
Should I have to move down I earn less, and when I move up I make much more. I do however hope to move up to NL200 and higher relatively soon, but I do think that thanks to Cardrunners I'm capable to beat those limits should my bankroll be sufficient to play there.


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