Monday, June 23, 2008

Week 25 Update: Running HOT!

Last week I posted an update and I berated myself for not getting in enough hands. This week, I managed to get in even less hands, but damn, I sure managed to run hot while doing so, and think I made very few mistakes.

The position stats are the sickest of all:

I had a VPIP of 38% from the button, and PFR of 33% in that spot. This shows that the tables I played at allowed me to exploit the hell out of position.

I will not be posting the hands of my sunday session vs the Sunday-donks though. I recorded the sunday session without sound, and will probably post a video about it with commentary on Cardrunners when I get time to do so. The session was quite interesting because it shows more about adjusting to game-flow and player tendencies compared to standard optimal lines in certain situations. It also shows some spots where I embrace variance with very marginal holdings because it feels very +EV, and spots where I do the opposite and make some folds which could be perceived as bad/nitty. Overall it should provide enough material for quite an interesting video.


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