Monday, October 08, 2007

Maximizing your Green line

I was just thinking of a line from the Theory of Poker, and think it applies well to getting your 'green line' up:

"Every time you make a bet that maximizes expectation versus your opponent’s actual hand, you win, every time your opponent fails to maximize his expectation given your actual hand, you win."

Imagine you call a pf opening raise in LP, or a limper or two, when holding Jack of Spades Ten of Spades.
The flop comes down Jack of Spades Jack of Spades Jack of Spades

Villain bets pot. You know he won't pay you off if you hit your flush, and aren't sure about ace outs, so you fold.

Your share of the sklansky bucks here means that even if villain has an extreme tight range your share of the chips is still about 35% of the chips in the pot. If you fold here you are losing all that equity. Even while it may be the correct play.

An example like this shows why it is a mistake to simply call behind two limpers with a hand like AJs or to just call a relatively loose MP raiser while you are on the button.

Simply because if you play too rigid opponents can deny you your Sklansky bucks.

If what I just typed makes no sense to you, you are not positional aware enough. Making sense?


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